Isolyser System – Alternative To Sharp Collector – Sharps Collector By Mail

Isolyser System:
The product includes an opaque bottle partially filledwith a proprietary solution. Once the bottle is full of sharps the catalyst is added to the base solution and exothermic reaction disinfects the contained material.  The liquid then solidifies. Once solidified, the container
can be safely relabeled as econtaminated solid medical waste, placed upside down in the shipping
Box and disposed of in the regular trash or dump. For those few jurisdictions that do not yet allow disposal of SMS treated sharps in the regular trash, our ‘mail back option’ can be utilized; you simply send us your activated SMS container for disposal.

Reduce sharps disposal costs by 68%*
Replace your expensive waste pick-up company with the Isolyser®/SMS® Sharps Management System. It’s easy to start using Isolyser®/SMS®, simply order from your supply rep along with your other back office supplies.

Use Isolyser®/SMSm® in the following states:

manufacturer: Waste and Compliance Management Inc.

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