Aesthetic Needle TSK SteriJect® Premium Without SafetyHypodermic # TSK2210 22G x 4, TSK2276 22G x 2 3/4/22G x 3, TSK2551 25G x 51mm/25G x 2, TSK276 27G x 6mm, TSK304 30G x 4mm, TSK306 30G x 6mm, TSK3113 31 x 13mm/31 x 1/2, TSK3213 32 x 13mm/ 32 x 1/2

Steriject Needles

  • Premium hypodermic needles
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Hard to find sizes
  • Surgical stainless steel with polypropylene hub they are certified DNA free
  • FDA registered, CE Mark, ISO 9001 certified.
  • Hypodermic
  • Box/100
  • Sterile

#TSK2210 22G x 4
#TSK2276 22G x 2 3/4/22G x 3
#TSK2551/PRE-25050 25G x 50mm/25G x 2
#TSK276 27G x 6mm
#TSK304 30G x 4mm
#TSK306 30G x 6mm
#TSK3113 31 x 13mm/31 x 1/2
#TSK3213 32 x 13mm/ 32 x 1/2
#TSK3313 33 x 13mm/33 x 1/2

Manufacturer: TSK Laboratory

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