Sterile Gloves, Sterile Surgical Gloves,

Sterile Gloves:


Sterile Latex Gloves with powder:

Prod # Product
2D7253 Triflex Size 7 40prs
100640 Perry Size 7 1/2 50prs
2D7255 Triflex Size 8 40prs
5711105 Perry Size 8 50prs
2D7256 Triflex Size 8 1/2 40prs

Sterile PF Latex Gloves:

5711102PF Encore Perry Size 6 1/2 50prs
5711104PF Encore Perry Size 7 1/2 50prs

Sterile PF Nitrile Gloves: (Sempermed)

SMSN104 Size: Large 50prs
SMSN103 Size: Medium 50prs
SMSN102 Size: Small 50prs

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