MERIT IV Starter Kit With Tegaderm, 3M Tape * LATEX FREE *

Merit IV Start Kits #MIVS001:
One soft pack
One 2-3/8" x 2-3/4" Tegadermâ„¢ dressing
One latex-free tourniquet
One alcohol prep pad
One PVP prep pad
Two 2" x 2" gauze sponges
One roll medical tape

Manufacturer: Merit Healthcare Products

Compares to our competitors' products:
Becton Dickinson 386140 (200/cs)
Busse 820
B Braun 375195 (50/cs) - does not include PVP pad or I.V. patient label
Churchill Medical AMS-623ATLF (50/cs)
Covidien/Kendall 80510 (100/cs)
Cypress 82-06 (50/cs)
Medegen 2609 (100/cs)
Medical Action 68270 (50/cs)