Cryoserv / DMSO 50mL

Cryoserv® (dimethyl sulfoxide, USP)
Cryopreservative Solution
Latex Free
Preservative Free
Sterile (according to USP)
Endotoxin Free: < 0.5 USP EU/mL (according to USP)
Quantitative composition: Not less than 99.0% dimethyl sulfoxide, USP;
Water content - maximum 0.5%
Description: Dimethyl sulfoxide is a clear, colorless and essentially
odorless liquid which is miscible with water and most organic solvents.
How supplied: 10 mL (11 gm) and 50 mL (55 gm) vials
Storage: Store at 68° to 86°F (20° to 30°C)
Protect from strong light
Warning: Combustible at high temperatures
Not for injection
Do not use unless solution is clear
Manufacturer: Mylan Institutional



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